Oh my! That’s a pain


Severe pain can come on suddenly and anyone who has experienced intense dental pain will know that immediate relief and dental care will be high on the day’s agenda. However, when does dental pain go from being a pain to an emergency, and if it does, what can be done in response? Applying salt water to the painful area, gargling with aspirin or clove oil or resting with a cold compress can bring some relief but if this isn’t enough, it’s time to get an emergency dental appointment. In Mackay, immediate support and response are available just by picking up the phone.

Time to go see the dentist

If pain has been experienced for more than 2 days or has suddenly increased, if there is any discharge, especially if it smells or there’s fever, any dentist would encourage patients to book immediately. An emergency dental appointments in Mackay is available at dental clinics such as Walkerston Dental in Mackay. Generally, if an appointment is not available, one will be offered at a sister clinic.

On ringing a dental clinic, information and advice will be given. Dental practices can also alleviate concern and offer a level of triage response. This means that pain relief and self-management options will be offered, and appointment will be made either the same day or as soon as is required. Generally, an emergency dentist appointment in Mackay will be followed by additional treatments and after-care until the underlying issue has been resolved.

A&E is not the only option

Sometimes it’s not infection but an accident that’s occurred, and some form of oral trauma has occurred. Receiving medical attention may be in the forefront of anyone’s mind if there’s been an accident, especially if it’s a child that’s been injured. Rather than go to A&E, attending an emergency dental appointment in Mackay could be a good alternative. If teeth have been knocked out, if it’s a child, don’t try to reinsert them. Instead, pick the tooth up by the crown only and place it in milk, as it’s likely the tooth (adult teeth only) can be reinserted, so always ring a dentist to receive direct medical advice.

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