The Forgotten Customer: Why Market to Generation X


Businesses these days are mostly focused on Baby Boomers, millennials, and Generation Z. Who would not want to entice today’s largest consumer group, aka the millennials? And what business would want to miss out on the tremendous buying power of Baby Boomers and Generation Z?

If there is one generation that is often taken for granted by marketers, it would be Generation X. For starters, Generation X is sandwiched between Baby Boomers and millennials. They are the people born between 1965 and 1985. They may be the forgotten generation, but your business can definitely leverage the buying power of Gen-Xers.

Why Your Brand Needs Generation X Customers

Generation X is often left out by marketers because many of them focus solely on the three popular generations. If your business already forgot about Generation X, then you could already be missing out big time.

For one, Generation X will surely surpass the number of Baby Boomers by the year 2028. Their purchasing power is another thing no one should ignore. According to reports, Gen-Xers spend more than Baby Boomers and millennials. Business Insider also claims that Generation X makes more money than millennials and Baby Z each year.

Another reason to cater to Generation X is since they are easier to define. If you are catering to both Baby Boomers and millennials, then you have a bit of understanding of what Gen-Xers want and prefer. In short, they are a bit of a mix of these two generations.

What to Keep in Mind When Marketing to Generation X

Business OperationsBefore you start marketing to Gen-Xers, it is important to learn more about them. This way, you can align your marketing strategies to their tastes.

Like Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers love traditional shopping. According to statistics, 66% of Gen-Xers shop in physical stores every time. This means if you are a brick-and-mortar business, marketing to Generation X will bring your brand more foot traffic. This also means you want your physical business location to be more pleasing for your additional clients.

If your business has a parking lot, consider asphalt sealing and filling if needed. Keep the parking area and storefront clean and well lit. Make sure your items on display are well-labeled and organized. Treat all customers with respect. Make your customer’s shopping experience fast and easy and you will surely get the approval of Gen-Xers.

Generation X may love in-store shopping, but many of them also do online shopping. Like millennials, they research businesses before trusting a brand. According to statistics, Gen-Xers make an average of 19 online transactions each year.

To entice online Generation X consumers, make sure you provide them with excellent customer service be it online or offline. Boost your social media marketing strategies and include them in your demographics. This is since they are also spending many hours each day on social media.

Did you know that Gen-Xers regularly check their emails? If you can create an effective email campaign, then you can entice this email-loving generation to click on your email links and increase your conversions. When you’re at it, give them coupons or special offers. Note that 49% of consumers like receiving promotional emails.

Generation X is also sentimental. They cherish memories and value heirlooms. If you want to catch their attention, bring them back to memory lane. Think of items, experiences, and old advertisements that will trigger their good old memories. If you can make them reminisce about the old times and make them feel young and happy, then you will surely catch their attention.

If there is one thing this generation doesn’t like, that is beating around the bush. They want businesses to be true and unique. Don’t sugarcoat your ads just to make them visit your website or go into your physical store. They know how to their research and will do a bit of digging before trusting unfamiliar brands. There is no point in tricking Gen-Xers, so make sure to be transparent.

It is also important to note that Generation X still love traditional media like newspapers, magazines, TV commercials and the like. According to statistics, they spend at least 26 hours watching television each week. So consider TV ads if your budget permits.

Adding Generation X to your target audiences will help you generate more revenue and boost business success. You can reach out to them both online and offline, and will surely appreciate it if your brand starts giving them the attention they deserve. With their incredible purchasing power, sizable population, and hybrid taste, they will surely add spice to your already interesting customer base. Don’t be among the brands who already forgot about Generation X and you will surely gain a competitive advantage in the near future.

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