The Do’s and Dont’s of Night Events


Night EventsThere is no quicker way to kill your creativity than to have a no work-off schedule. The truth is, taking the time to unwind is just as important as sitting behind that desk for eight hours every day. An excellent way to relax and get your mind off work is to attend a night event with live performances.

Ladies! Here are a few do’s and don’ts for any night event you will ever attend.

Do obey the weather

Do check the weather report. Why is this important? The weather reports may not always be accurate, but they can give you a clue of what to expect.

A miniskirt with some open tip toes in cold weather will be the perfect recipe to ruin your evening. This is not to mean you can’t look sexy for a night event.  If you choose to wear the little black dress, get some patterned tights- always give you a sexy look- and you’ll be guaranteed of warmth. You can also try a trench coat which has a belt; the belt cinches your waist and flaunts your figure.

Do eat well

To enjoy live shows, suggests you ensure you’re well fed as you need all the energy you can get. Avoid eating veggies before the event since they may cause your stomach to bloat.

Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes

We all agree that heels are sexy, but they stop being sexy the moment you change your walking style to something close to a limp. If you can’t walk in them comfortably, don’t wear them!

Don’t drink too much

This is a universal rule that has to mention here to complete these rules.  A drunk woman will at the very least do one of the following things: Cry and scream hysterically, cause a scene, vomit in the wrong place, blackout, well, the list is endless, but the point is, excessive drinking is neither seductive nor classy.

Most people ruin pleasant events because of breaking these simple rules. To enjoy night events means to prepare in advance, and remain in one piece for the sake of the next day.

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