The Art of Al Fresco Dining: Keeping Things Comfortable


People eating in a tableRestaurant owners spend time looking for new ways to innovate their business. Some hunt for adventurous recipes while others invest in marketing strategies to increase the number of guests. Once you’ve perfected your menu and maintained a loyal following, it might be time to curate an even more gratifying experience for your customers by bringing the dining experience outdoors.

Prioritize Comfort and Relaxation

In the city, it is especially refreshing to have plants, trees, and the wildlife in sight. Restaurants try their best to recreate spaces where customers could escape the concrete jungle. Kim Cook from ABC News says that backyards, balconies, and rooftop decks are ideal places for enjoying an al fresco meal.

While a luxurious outdoor diner induces relaxation, it’s important to think about the climate-related comfort of your guests. When the heat hits, it hits hard. Misting systems from Cool-Off is one way to give heat relief for customers who prefer dining outdoors. Also, set up patio umbrellas to protect them from harsh sunlight.

Remove All Outdoor Pest Risks

Another threat to outdoor dining is nature itself. Remember that you are dealing with food – having it exposed to insects might be a cause for concern. One way to keep an outdoor dining area is to situate a bug lantern, close enough to the dining area without being an eyesore for your guests. Lights from lanterns attract bugs and zap them dead.

Candles also help reduce the number of pests circling dining areas. A candle on each table will repel all kinds of mosquitoes and flies buzzing around the food. Geraniol and citronella candles are effective pest repellants that add ambiance.

An excellent restaurant is nothing without its outdoor setting. Whether it’s a casual BBQ fest or an intimate dinner for two, giving your customers the ultimate al fresco dining experience will leave them eager to come back.

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