That One Fitness Rule that Includes Pizza


Woman Holding Healthy FoodIf 2016 is a week, it is already Wednesday, aside from wearing pink, it is also humped day. It’s the time where you see if you have progressed from the resolutions you made last January or just throw it all away and wait for another new year. Many people would not even remember they made resolutions, but not you. You are not going to quit this time. The most common resolution often taken for granted is getting in shape. A fitness motivation says that 6 months from now you are going to thank yourself that you started. Can you say thank you now?

80/20 Principle

Getting fit is not easy, especially if one of the best parts in life is eating. #FoodPorn makes it even harder; they look so good, it is almost impossible to say no. Your mind says abs, but your heart whispers pizza, how can you even choose, right? One of the biggest fitness misconceptions is that you have to spend hours lifting weights, running on the treadmill, doing crunches, and other exercises. Yes, working out plays a big part in achieving those toned arms and abs, but if you overdo a cheat meal you’re just jeopardising the good workout you just did.

So how to achieve both worlds, a slice of pizza at one hand and a hearty salad on the other — practice 80/20 principle. What is 80/20 principle? It’s the discipline of eating clean 80% of the time while the remaining 20% is allowing yourself to indulge in treats without guilt. Now that you know you should be eating clean 80% of the time, the next step is cleaning your counter (yes throw that bag of chips away).

The best way to make sure that this principle will work for you is through meal planning. Start by making a grocery list of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and protein. To save time, buy in bulk like fruit wholesale and vegetables. Just make sure you store them properly. There are a variety of markets and stores where you can buy fresh produce. According to MorCo Fresh, the beauty of it is that suppliers can guarantee the freshness of fruit wholesale and vegetables because of their good relationship with the local growers.

Rock that body

Getting fit is also building a healthy body image. Do not be afraid of eating as long as you’re fueling your body the right kind of food. Make this principle a lifestyle, so the next time you’re out you can eat that slice of cake without crying.

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