5 Things Brides Forget that Make Their Dream Day a Flop


Wedding Day in AustinFor some people, a wedding involves completing vows and acquiring a marriage certificate. To most people, though, the day has to be perfect with all the tiny details built to perfection. Here are the essential things to include in your checklist to guarantee you a great wedding day.

1. The Marriage License

Find out about any deadlines for a marriage license application. Gather all the required documents early enough. Some states require a blood test or a special documentation before you complete the application.

2. Vendor Meals

Give your final guest count to the caterer at least two weeks before the big day. In the list, remember to include your photographer, band members, make-up artist or stylist, as well as your planner.

3. Hair and Make-up

Remember to wear your hair comfortably; settle for a style that makes you feel natural. Again, remember to carry an emergency make-up bag in case something interferes with your looks.

Right here in Austin, for instance, say you needed a professional to do your wedding hair and makeup, give them an honest review and an email follow-up so as to improve the quality of service for future brides.

4. Passport and Identification

At least a month before your wedding, ensure you have all the necessary documentation required by the airport security. You wouldn’t want to be barred from getting on the plane while heading for the honeymoon because of expired identification, would you?

5. Thank You Notes

As the heat and pressure begin to settle after a successful day, you may easily forget the important people who worked tirelessly to make the day magical. Take time and commit in writing to thank those who planned the wedding from beginning to end. These include your parents, close family members, and the bridal party.

The little things we may choose to ignore are the ones that may shamefully ruin your wedding day. Remember that your wedding day does not end after the reception, but it remains in the minds and hearts of every single person who attended.

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