Telltale Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

Frustrated couple sitting back-to-back

Have you got a nagging feeling that your partner is cheating? Has the atmosphere changed at home? If your partner keeps disappearing, why not hire the services of a private investigator and learn the truth?

Extra-marital affairs are among the most common reasons for divorce and they drive most of the divorces in New Zealand. They may start with differences in sexual appetite and emotional detachment, and then lead to one partner straying. Sometimes, there is nothing wrong and the affair begins with a friendship that went too far.

Julia Hartley Moore outlines some signs a partner may be cheating:

Getting Up Earlier

If they get up earlier to avoid being in the bed or come home late, this could be a sign of straying. Another sign is staying up after their significant other has gone to bed and only going to bed after they are asleep.

Sudden Change of Habits

If they are a creature of habit and suddenly change their routine, this is a red flag.

Withdrawing From Family

Failing to show up to birthday parties or family reunions while going away on lots of business trips or staying late at work may be suspicious.

Lack of Interest in Sex

If they suddenly lose interest in sex, want to be intimate less often, make excuses to avoid it or seem to be argumentative to put their partner off, they may be warming someone else’s bed.

Spending a Long Time on the Phone

Beware if your partner spends hours on the phone, has racked up high bills, keeps getting missed calls or leaves the room to text someone without an explanation. Multiple social media accounts are another warning.

To find out one way or the other and end the emotional turmoil, a private investigator can use his training to interview, track and gather evidence that will either provide proof and closure or bring you peace of mind.

Having doubts about a partner can be devastating to a relationship. So, instead of wondering if they are faithful, hire a private investigation agency to get the answers you need.

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