What are Dentists Like in Sydney?

a dentist explaining something to the patient

Moving to another country is a big deal, even if that country is renowned for its friendliness and where the locals speak the most commonly used language in the world. The pace of life in Sydney is faster every year, even with its fabulous beaches and Australians’ renowned ability to have a good time. Settling in becomes a round of great barbies and test runs on all the different beaches, but there also needs to be time to get the basic services of life in place, such as finding the right dentist in Erskineville. It’s important not to leave that one until an emergency arises, and in Australia, where everyone is always outdoors doing something active, the opportunities for dental emergencies abound.

Being a dentist in Erskineville means catering for an increasingly trendy part of the city, between the airport and the central business district. Dentists in this area have to think hard about what appeals to the modern patient, and then make sure to provide it. Among those to choose from is Healthy Smile Centre, which has sister clinics in Alexandria, Botany, Waterloo and Zetland.

So, what do patients want from a dentist in modern Sydney? Let’s take a look:

Teeth for Life

People don’t want their dentist in Erskineville to be mad keen to fill and extract teeth. They want them to be mad keen to help them find ways to avoid decay and gum disease and hang onto their teeth for as long as possible. This means preventive treatments for kids, as well as advice on brushing and cleaning (for adults too) and treatments that extend the life of the teeth, such as braces for adults (straight teeth are easier to clean).

Help With Anxiety

Once upon a time, anyone who was scared of the dentist was considered a bit of a wimp. Now the dental profession recognises dental phobia as a common problem that needs to be taken seriously. Dentists are able to train in ways to talk to phobic patients, ways to make their practices more relaxing places to be, and also in ways to help nervous patients relax, including different forms of sedation.

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