Teeth Whitening After Root Canal Treatment Is a Must


Root Canal Treatment In HertfordshirePeople no longer have to endure the disadvantages of diseased teeth – all thanks to the existence of root canal treatments. As one of modern dentistry’s effective procedures against damaged teeth, it has become the go-to solution for people with dental problems.

While root canals provide the satisfaction of good oral health, there are some cases when the treated tooth becomes discoloured or stained.

As a result, some wonder if teeth whitening procedures in Hertfordshire are enough to restore the tooth’s natural glow.

Root Canal Treatments and Discolouration

Most stains occur due to excessive intake of coffee or red wine, smoking or even ageing. In the case of root canal treatments, however, the discolouration stems from inside the tooth. Intrinsic stains, which occur after the treatment, manifest due to two reasons:

  • Tooth lost vitality due to trauma, which results in internal bleeding; dark pigment from blood stains the tooth
  • In some cases, the procedure itself is the primary culprit. Dentists clean out infected pulp tissues, which stain the teeth. The cement used during the treatment also darkens over time.

While the root canal treatment improves the tooth’s function, it may compromise the appearance. Fortunately, it is possible to alleviate the staining.

Bleaching as the Solution

Some practices offer internal bleaching, which dentists may perform during a root canal procedure. Dentists will conduct an examination first to assess the condition and determine the appropriate treatment. Next, dentists will drill a hole on the back side, opening access to the pulp chamber, which will also be cleared of discoloured material or debris.

Next, the bleaching agent is placed inside the chamber, and the dentist closes the access hole.

Bleaching is an effective way to improve the tooth’s aesthetics after a root canal treatment. Other practices offer plenty of options, but this is among the least intrusive. Ask your dentist to determine the right option for you.

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