Store-bought Mouth Guards Are Ineffective: Get a Customised One Instead


Mouth ProtectorSports mouth guards are a type of rubber sheath that fits over your teeth. They envelop the teeth and prevent damage while playing full contact sports like rugby, hockey and boxing. Because of the nature of these sports, there is an increased chance of sustaining dental trauma — you could chip or crack a tooth, or downright lose a tooth altogether.

It is important to take precautions by wearing a mouth guard. You may look for mouth guards at sports stores or visit a dental practice, such as Dee Kay Dental, to get custom ones.

Store Bought Mouth Guards

Many sports shops sell different types of mouth guards. Usually, they come pre-moulded and ready to use. You just wash the mouth guard and pop it into your mouth.

The problem with this type of mouth guard is that they do not have a very good fit — it can be either too tight or too loose, which may cause more problems than it solves. Loose mouth guards may fall out while you are participating in sports activities. On the other hand, tight mouth guards may increase the chances of you being injured because there is more pressure applied to the teeth.

To try to solve this, some companies are selling boil and bite mouth protectors, which are placed in hot water to soften them, and then placed in the mouth. You bite down to mould your teeth around them. While this type does give you a better fit, it is prone to warping and may be ineffective at protecting your teeth from damage.

Custom Mouth Guards

Custom mouth guards are still the most effective option for protecting your teeth during sports. Your dentist takes a cast of your mouth and makes an accurate mould of your teeth, so that your mouth guard fits perfectly. It will lessen the chances of them falling out during use and keep your teeth protected.

Custom mouth guards from the dentist are also made of stronger and more durable materials, which make them ideal for use in sports. Do not scrimp on dental protection and choose the custom option instead.

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