Stop Being Boring: How to Get Your Target Market to Stop Ignoring You on Social Media

social media traffic

social media trafficNo matter what you post, it seems like no one cares to like, share or even read it.

You are not alone, though, as many business owners also experience it. Perhaps the reason your social media fans keep ignoring your posts is because they are boring or not helpful. To achieve better results, give them what they want.

According to leading online marketing provider KSL Interactive, “Social Media is here to stay so most business owners know by now they need a social presence. For most, though, it is daunting to figure out how to create a dynamic social campaign and then dedicate the time required for daily upkeep on multiple platforms with the right strategic messaging for your target audience.”

Here’s how to improve the quality and appeal of your posts:

Spice Things Up With a Photo

It’s time to stop posting long content and start sharing catchy images. Whether they’re photo quotes, infographics or images of what’s happening in your office every day, it’s best to share them. Images are powerful; they can be inspirational, promotional or funny. Giving your Facebook fans or Twitter followers a glimpse of what goes on in your business can keep them connected and engaged. Every time you post about your new product or service, add an image for amazing exposure.

Organize a Contest

This is a great way to capture more customers, whether you are on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. By creating a contest, experts say you can build word of mouth traffic for your business. It’s best to offer multiple lower-value prizes, so many people will have higher chances of winning.

Provide Fan-Only Rewards

Consumers buy from a website they know they can trust. One way to let people know that you are reliable is to be charitable. Rewarding your fans is a quick way to build connections. Word will get around quickly if you show that you value your customers. For instance, an online clothing shop can give away limited edition t-shirts. It’s not only relevant to their loyal customers, but also helps the business get exposure and attract people.

There are new and different marketing strategies today, making it difficult to decide which is the best solution to go with. This is one of the main reasons most small business owners turn to social media. Keep in mind that your social media marketing strategy should always focus on building trust and providing value.

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