How to Keep Your Elevator Perform at its Best


elevatorProper lift maintenance is important. This can improve the machine’s efficiency and ensure everyone’s safety. The costs depend on the damage and parts you need to replace. To avoid malfunctions and keep the elevator performing at its best, here are some maintenance routine you need follow:

1. Keep a detailed log of your elevator’s operation

Having a detailed record can help you keep track of the machine’s overall performance. Make sure to record every incident report. These should include certain malfunctions, when did it occur, and how many times it happened. Knowing these problems can help the company repair the lifts and find the best solution.

2. Consider daily inspections

Assign someone in charge to make daily inspections. This is important to make sure everything is in order—from command buttons, door sensor, lighting system, and even the cleanliness of the elevator. They should also have their own records and report everything at the end of the day.

3. Replace old hardware or malfunctioning equipment

Whenever there is a reported incident about malfunctioning hardware, make sure to replace them right away. Keep in mind that the safety of the people is your priority. Consider installing safety devices like emergency phones, security cameras, automated fans and lights in case the power is shut down.

4. Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning is important. Make sure to use the necessary cleaning tools. Keep in mind that the internal mechanism of an elevator is sensitive. To avoid costly mistakes, it is best to hire an experienced service provider. These professionals have the right equipment to keep the machine clean.

5. Reinforce proper use of the elevator

The best way to maintain your elevator is through proper use. Reinforce the rules and regulations like keeping the elevator clean, and overloading. There are devices you can add to detect overloading, which may depend on the size of the elevator.

You should consider the quality of the equipment you want to install to your office or building. Make sure you’re dealing with a reputable supplier. You can simply do this by searching online. Read testimonials and customer feedback about their products and services. Choose the best one that suits your budget and requirements.

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