Stop Believing in These 4 Waxing Myths

hot wax on woman's leg

As information spreads fast in today’s digital world, it’s hard not to believe everything that we read or hear. Everyone claims that the information they have and share is legitimate and based on facts when in fact, it is just something that they made up.

There are many myths about waxing and today, we will discuss what you should never believe in. Go ahead and visit that waxing salon in Salt Lake City if you need to!

Myth #1: You Can Get an STI Through Waxing

Fortunately, for waxing aficionados, this one ain’t real. There is not enough evidence to claim that waxing can put you at risk for sexually transmitted infections (STI), so don’t go believing that myth. Yes, your skin and body become more vulnerable after a wax since it disrupts the skin’s barrier, but that’s about it. Bacteria and fungi can easily access the skin, but it would not be able to if you follow the aftercare instructions given by your waxing technician.

Make sure that they are using new salon wax and strips when waxing you up. Also, you might want to skip having sex a few hours after getting waxed to avoid any type of infection.

Myth #2: All Side Effects are Temporary

Yes, the redness and itchiness after getting waxed will fade after a few hours, but certain side effects like getting burnt by the wax will last much longer. A wax that is too hot can burn your skin and can cause extreme pain. This can then lead to permanent scarring and blistering.

Over-exfoliating can also cause burns, which can take a while to heal up. To make sure that you would not get any permanent side effect, go to a licensed and certified salon. This will give you peace of mind and your money’s worth.

Myth #3: You Can Get Waxed Anytime You Want

underarm waxing in a spa center

For men, you can go ahead and get waxed whenever you want. For women, however, getting waxed can be a little bit trickier. Avoid waxing a few days before and after your period, as your skin is a lot more sensitive during these times. This means that you will experience a lot more pain if you decide to get it done within that period.

Curious why waxing salons ask for your last bleeding period? This is mainly the reason, and if they find out that you just finished your cycle or are expecting it soon, they would recommend you to just go back once it’s safe to get the waxing done.

Myth #4: You Can Do Anything You Want After

Unfortunately, there is a list of no-nos after getting your bikini area waxed. Sure, its smoothness might tempt you to go all-in with your significant other, but you should wait after a couple of hours of getting it done before doing the deed.

The friction and sweat can harm the area and can even cause blisters and irritation down there. This will also make the area susceptible to infection, which of course, you would want to avoid. You should also avoid working out right after, as this involves heavily sweating as well.

Listen to your waxing technician and ask them about the best course of aftercare for your just-waxed area. You should also be honest with them and tell them about the medications that you are taking, as well as your period schedule.

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