Here’s Why You Should Practice Positive Dog Training Methods

Teaching dog how to shake hands

There was a time wherein dog trainers used harsh methods just to train dogs to follow what they want them to do. There were even collars that were designed for “training” dogs, and they were not the best, as those choke collars actually have spikes on them that tugs on the dog’s neck whenever they do not obey to their owner or trainer.

Sure, that type of approach led to dogs following the orders given to them, but it also brought in anxiety and fear into their systems. This is one of the many reasons this type of training is not encouraged anymore, and as pet owners, we are just happy that positive reinforcement is now often used to train dogs.

Today, we will discuss as to why positive reinforcement and training should be used instead of using harsh methods on them. Make sure to look for these pointers when looking for dog obedience training in Jacksonville, Florida:

  • Harsh methods can invoke fear in dogs, like what we mentioned earlier. They can associate being disciplined with getting punished and can cause distrust, fear, and anxiety in the long run. They might also develop aggression — mild or severe.
  • Punishment during correction can break your pet’s spirit. They would not be themselves anymore. Plus, they might even be scared to come near you, which can be sad and disappointing as a pet parent. Adopted dogs (or any other dog) should be treated with kindness, love, and respect for them to grow loving and not fearful.
  • Training a dog is not easy, and training one using harsh methods takes a lot of skill. If you are not careful, you can harm your dog physically and mentally when using punishment as a form of discipline.
  • Some breeds simply cannot comprehend when it comes to reinforcements and punishments. Terriers, Beagles, and Huskies are known to be difficult to train, especially when using traditional correction based techniques.
  • Puppies do not understand the concept of punishment. If your puppy is less than six months old, then they would not understand why you are punishing them, which can result in fear and anxiety that can stick to them even as they grow up.
  • You would not lose anything when using positive reinforcement in dogs. All you are sacrificing is a little bit of setback when it comes to training, but then again, that is not much to sacrifice, especially if it’s your dog’s mental and physical health that we are talking about.

girl gives an Australian Shepherd dog a treat

If you are not sure how you should train your dog, then it would be better to call a professional in and have them do it. You should ask for their approach, as more and more dog training centers use positive reinforcement nowadays. You would never want to lose your dog’s fun and happy spirit, so take good care of that and don’t trust anyone who will only harm your furry friend. Best of luck and may you and your pet have a happy life together!


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