Steps in Renovating Your Home Without Making Unnecessary Changes

man painting the window frame white

Renovating your home is a serious decision as it requires capital and time investment. Renovation costs can often run up to thousands of dollars. It is easy to get carried away with renovations and end up shelling much more than you have intended to. But it is important to remember the main purpose behind renovating something. You want to add value to it and make it last. Therefore, every renovation decision you make should be defensible using this logic. If it adds value to your home while making it more durable, it should be considered to be a worthwhile investment. Here are some ways to renovate your home in a way that really counts:

Make better use of space

The best way to renovate is to increase efficiency. It may be tempting to keep wanting to add extra rooms or floors. But this can be very expensive. Think of what your needs are from the extra space, and think of ways to implement this within the space that you already have. Do you feel like you need an extra room to store all your books? You can get around this by converting your walls into bookshelves. Use all the vertical space that you can, and add cabinets to extra space for better organization. Make use of space under stairs and beds, and use your walls to hang things up.

Powder-coat to make things last longer

We renovate our homes because we find that our fixtures have gotten old and rusty. Paint start falling off and chipping, and there might be damage that requires a complete overhaul. A good way to make your items last longer is to powder-coat them before painting. Powder coating works by applying a layer of powdered paint to items and then baking them in high temperature to create a durable layer of paint. Powder coating can last decades compared to regular paint, which requires upkeep every couple of years. Some things that you can powder-coat include stairwells, posts, and any metal that is left outdoors in exposed conditions. There are many companies that provide powder coating and sandblasting in Utah to give you the best paint job possible.

DIY as much as you can

woman painting the white wall blue

Part of adding value is reducing cost. If you can get work done on the cheap by doing it yourself, then why spend thousands more on hiring someone? There are lots of simple things that you can DIY, such as putting up wallpaper, painting, and even tearing down walls. When tearing down walls, only DIY if you are working on exterior structures that are generally made of wood, such as patios. Trying to demolish walls or entire floors may result in serious injuries if proper protocol is not followed. Just make sure that you do your research and follow proper safety guidelines.

There are lots of other decisions that you can make to improve the value of your home without bordering on the unnecessary. Whenever possible, try to implement ways to achieve the same effect without changing too much and being invasive.

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