Skin Pigmentation Treatment: What are the Types of Lasers Used?


PigmentationDo you know that there are other forms of skin pigmentation other than freckles? A birthmark, for instance, is also a type of skin pigmentation and so with age spots, melasma, and vitiligo, among others.

While freckles and birthmarks definitely sound familiar, the last three may not be especially to people that do not experience any of the said type of skin lesion. Irrespective of the differences of each, the recommended preventive measures and treatment could be the same.

Regular applying of sun block and avoiding direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight are great preventive measures against skin pigmentation, notes The Face Aesthetic Clinic. Applying skin care products like whitening cream and laser for skin pigmentation treatment prevents the skin problem from aggravating further, as well as removing the skin discolouration.

Removal of skin pigmentation via laser is advisable if the skin discoloration is causing an unpleasant sight and the person with this type of skin problem wants to remove it fast. Laser treatment can likewise provide effective results than applying lightening cream.

Lasers used in skin pigmentation treatment have four categories:

  1. Pigment-selective QS lasers – ideal for micrometre-sized targets; example devices are QS ruby 694nm and the frequency-doubled QS Nd: YAG at 532 nm
  2. Less-selective long pulsed – preferred for epidermal pigmented lesions like birthmarks, for example devices are lp alexandrite at 964 nm and 1,064 nm and diode laser at 800 nm.
  3. Non-pigment specific ablative lasers –used to treat epidermal pigmented lesions; example devices are Er:YAG lasers, CO2
  4. Non-pigment specific fractioned lasers – used in treating pigmented lesions such as melasma; example devices are non-ablative fractionated laser devices at 1, 320 and 1,550.

It is important to note that treatment of skin pigmentation via laser can have some side effects. This is especially true for irresponsible treatment practices like using inappropriate laser. That said, choosing a reliable clinic is a must for safe and effective results.

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