Shopping Cart Abandonment: Here’s How to Prevent It

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Running an online shop should be easy based on the premise that you don’t need to set up a brick-and-mortar store to sell your products. Since you have a virtual store, it seems easier to convince customers to purchase any product from you because of its convenience.

All they have to do is browse through your website, pick an item, and then proceed to pay. After that, they only need to wait for their item to be dropped at their front door.

But if that’s the case, then why do several online stores don’t hit their target sales at all? It’s most likely because they have failed to take care of the most important feature of their website: the virtual checkout counter.

Cart Abandonment

Customers abandon their shopping carts due to different reasons, which include long and confusing checkout procedures, security concerns, and unexpected shipping costs. You can avoid these mishaps and ensure customer satisfaction by taking the following steps.

Unexpected Shipping Costs

It’s a major turn-off for anyone to be suddenly hit by an expense they weren’t expecting, as they’re about to finalize their purchase. However, shipping costs are crucial, and you can’t just eliminate it to convince your customers to purchase your products.

The remedy to this is simply to inform your customers from the start that there’s a shipping cost that will be added to their purchase. If you want to convince them further to go ahead with the purchase, you can tell them the advantage of buying via online shops. Tell them that while there’s an additional fee, they’re still saving money because they don’t have to drive to a physical store to get the product they want. This way, they will be reminded of the benefit of purchasing online instead of thinking about the additional cost.

Another solution is to bundle your shipping cost with the price of the product. Then, inform your customers that you’re offering “free” shipping, but, in fact, the shipping cost is already included in the price tag of the item.

Security Concerns

Another reason people abandon their carts is they’re afraid someone might steal their credit card information. It’s a valid concern since identity theft is a real threat.

To fix this, reassure your customers by providing well-known security logos. For one, stamp your site with an SSL certificate. Add testimonials of some of your customers to the front page of your site, as well.

By doing this, you’re reassuring your potential customers that your site has been visited by many people who were satisfied with your services.

Long Process of Payment

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The long process of payment is also a major turn-off for many shoppers. It makes sense because these people chose to buy online for its convenience. When they’re asked to create another account in order to purchase an item, it stops being convenient.

So, instead of asking them to create another account, you should offer a “guest checkout” feature for first-time buyers. This will let them pay for their item immediately, which might even motivate them to buy more products from you.

If you want your online store to be successful and have minimal cart abandonments, follow the tips above. Also, get a reputable bank to handle your payment and merchant services in Salt Lake City. If your bank has a good reputation, it will rub off on you, and a good reputation can go a long way in the online store industry.

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