Indications of a Root Canal

Man having a root canal

While you will ordinarily take considerable care to ensure your permanent teeth remain intact, this is not guaranteed. Accidents and poor dental health are among the leading contributors to the loss of permanent teeth.

Some people opt to live with the gap left after they have lost a tooth more so if it is in the back of the mouth. While you might assume this is inconsequential, missing teeth will cause the shrinking of your jawbone, affect teeth near the gap and affect your facial contour.

Your first stop should be a dental implant clinic here in Sunrise, Florida to avert these issues. The implant will fill the gap left on your jawbone and not only maintain your mouth’s functionality but also your facial appearance and look.

The titanium implants are covered using crowns to match them to the rest of your teeth. If however, cause of the loss of your teeth is an oral infection, you can avert this loss by timely treatment of the same. A root canal is among the leading options for managing pulp infections that often lead to inevitable tooth loss when left unattended.

The procedure removes the infected pulp of your tooth and disinfects the space before it is filled using an inert material called gutta perch. The following are the indications of a root canal.


Few things will cause as much discomfort and affect your activities of daily living as dental pain. The pain is generally throbbing and can be aggravated by a change in position or the consumption of hot or cold foods.

Though a few patients will point the exact tooth causing their discomfort, this is impossible in most cases since dental nerves are interconnected. The dentist will first conduct sensitivity tests along with x-rays to pick the diseased tooth and plan your treatment.

Gum Inflammation

People have different pain thresholds and might tolerate some amount of discomfort. Gum inflammation evidenced by tenderness, slight redness, and pain might also indicate a need for root canal therapy. In extreme cases, this swelling extends to the neck and face and comes with pus-filled pimples.

Most people will ignore gum inflammation since it comes and goes as your tooth continues deteriorating.

Tooth Discoloration

Discolored teeth, in most cases, point to issues with your internal dental structure. Most people would reach for OTC whitening products, but this does not address the underlying condition. Tooth discoloration in severe cases calls for a root canal that will get rid of the infected pulp.

Dental Nerves’ Exposure

Overview of dental caries prevention

At times, accidents and rigorous oral treatments might leave your nerves exposed. Other than the increased tooth sensitivity this generates, the exposure leads to the degeneration of the entire nerve and tooth. A root canal in this instance will boost your comfort and save the tooth.

Most people would rather have anything else apart from a root canal for their dental issues. This is because of the considerable pain associated with the procedure. While this might have been true in the past, anesthesia has made root canal treatment one of the most comfortable dental procedures nowadays.

Moreover, dentists observe strict hygiene that minimizes the infection seen after root canals in the past.

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