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Unlock the power of your smile

Our smile is arguably one of the most powerful and important assets that each of us possesses. Your smile is one of the crucial aspects that dictates social relationships whenever you meet somebody for the first time, and the way in which it looks can play a vital role in any and all further social interactions. Across the country, there are a number of people who are currently living with crooked and poorly aligned teeth which may be impacting the potential reach and power of their smiles. Many of those out there refrain from seeking out the help that they need, because they are unaware of the number of options which are available to them. Invisible braces in Luton which are available today are a far cry from traditional fused metal braces which most people are familiar with, however many people out there continue to refrain from seeking treatment.

Why seek out orthodontic alignment?

Whilst numerous studies have found that the superficial aspect of how a person’s smile looks can play a vital role in how they are treated, there are also several detrimental health ramifications that having crooked, misaligned teeth can potentially incur. One of the main negative health impacts which having misaligned teeth can instigate, is the development of periodontal (or gum) disease. This is the leading cause of adult tooth loss, and can lead to serious long-term negative health ramifications. Gum disease takes place when the root of a person’s tooth has become infected and inflamed. It is typically caused through a build-up of plaque or tartar developing over time within the spaces between a person’s teeth. This explains why the likelihood of periodontal disease developing is higher for those who have misaligned teeth, as there are more spaces between their poorly aligned teeth in which food particles may become lodged. If these food particles are missed when brushing – which they often are if someone’s teeth are crooked – then they will develop into plaque and tartar. Given enough time, the tartar can stain the patient’s teeth, and the plaque can lead to periodontal disease. As such, anyone who has teeth which are majorly crooked or misaligned ought to speak to a local professional cosmetic orthodontist or dentist and assess their orthodontic options.

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What is an invisible brace?

‘Invisible brace’ is the name that is given to a particular type of orthodontic treatment which is particularly discreet. These are orthodontic treatments which aim to amend poorly aligned teeth in such a way that the treatment does not impact on how patients look. There are a number of treatments available, such as Inman aligners, which are similar to conventional braces – but consist entirely of a single metal wire so are far less visible. Removable dental retainer systems such as Invisalign are also forms of discreet or invisible orthodontics. These do not require anything to be attached to the patient’s teeth, as they consist entirely of a retainer. When worn, this retainer fits perfectly over each patient’s unique tooth structure, and uses pressure points inside its structure to comfortably shift their teeth into place. Anybody who has misaligned teeth and wishes to review their cosmetic options ought to waste no time seeking out a reputable and trustworthy provider within the Luton area.

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