Invisalign vs. metal braces: which is more cost-effective?

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The one obstacle preventing people from straightening their teeth with invisible braces are the expenses involved. While a revolutionary breakthrough in the world of orthodontics, Invisalign cost more than the traditional kinds that have been known and trusted for years.

From the initial assessment to x-rays and the aligner trays, not to mention factoring in the severity of your teeth issues and the time it takes to fix them, the final sum may vary from person-to-person. On average, the starting price is in the range of £1995, but this all depends on the quality of the Invisalign aligners and the experience of your dentist.

With invisible braces relatively new on the market, it is reasonable that people might have doubts. Why consider alternative treatments when you know what works and is cheaper?

Is Invisalign worth it?

All things considered, the price you pay for a teeth straightening aid of this type is minimal compared to what you get out of the experience, and the joy of having a beautiful, Colgate-like smile for the rest of your life.

With the added convenience of being able to remove the aligners to eat and clean teeth and their discreet appearance, there are benefits that invisible braces provide that traditional ones just cannot. Your lifestyle during the time it takes to correct remains virtually unchanged –  carry on with your life as the aligners work their magic. Eat what you like and enjoy two-hours braces-free per day, and following the same cleaning regimen, you did previously.

That said, consult with your dental practitioner first. You might find that you are not a suitable candidate for this treatment if you face complicated issues that require alternative teeth straightening aids. Try finding a dental clinic that offers free consultations, so that you do not have to waste money unnecessarily if invisible braces do not match your individual needs.

Will medical insurance cover the treatment?

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Depends on your dental plan, but Invisalign is likely to be covered or at least partially covered as they would with conventional braces.

Payment methods

Talk to your dentists about payment if the cost is more than your budget allows. Many practices offer flexible treatment plans enabling you to spread out the fees over a more extended period.

What am I paying for exactly?

Apart from the obvious, a “million-dollar” smile, the estimated costs that are involved are outlined to you from the start of your treatment, meaning you will not be presented with hidden expenses that you have not prepared for. These include the initial assessment, impressions, x-rays and photographs, the aligners, any refinement and recontouring work, and Viviera retainers required to keep teeth aligned once straightened.

You are also paying for the labour of your dentist and his or her level of expertise. Opting for a cheaper practitioner or using non-Invisalign aligners (look for the logo) that are not FDA-approved could be to your detriment.

In today’s digital age, cosmetic dentistry is all the rage. With the onslaught of smartphones and the need to continually post images online, there is pressure to look good. Start with your teeth. Feel confident about the way you smile, thanks to Invisalign.

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