The Root Causes of Hair Loss

hair loss woman

Hair is always a case of loving and hating. It all depends on where you are sitting in the equation. If you have it, you love it. If you do not, you miss it and hate the fact that it is gone. Unfortunately, far too many people suffer from premature hair loss for one reason or another. It is a reality that a lot of people have to deal with that can affect a person’s self-esteem.

hair loss womanHair loss has different types, as well. They can either be gradual or sudden. In addition, some individuals may experience hair loss only in specific areas only in the form of either smooth or scaly patches.

Listed below are some common causes of thinning hair for Singapore men and women:

• Genetics – This is, unfortunately, a factor that we do not have much control over. If your parents suffer from acute hair loss, then there is a good chance you will suffer from it too.

• Autoimmune – Individuals suffering from diabetes, arthritis, or other such maladies may be familiar with autoimmune diseases. This happens when the body’s immune system inadvertently attacks healthy body tissues like hair follicles.

• Pulling – Although still not classified as an obsessive-compulsive disorder, constant hair plucking (Trichotillomania) is a common bad habit that leads to speedy hair loss unless stopped.

• Tight Pulls – Braided or tightly pulled hair often leads to an increased pace in receding hairlines that worsen over time. This is more prevalent in women.

• Medication – Not a lot of people are aware that a lot of over-the-counter drugs can cause hair to fall out. These include drugs for hormonal therapies (including birth control), anti-coagulants, anti-thyroid medications, and many others.

Fortunately, men and women need not live through the hassle and embarrassment of noticeable hair thinning as there are now many options for hair loss treatment.

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