What to Do When You Lost the Original Copy of Your RSA Certificate

RSA certificate

RSA certificateIt’s one of the things every bar and wait person dreads whenever they apply for a new job. When the manager asks for a copy of their RSA Certificate, they suddenly realize they don’t have the original copy anymore. What should they do? If you’re one of these people, let this article be your guide.

One of the easiest steps to take is to call the company that originally provided your RSA Certificate. If you took yours from the Australian Hotels Association (WA), the organisation recommends that all individuals call the AHA Training Department at 08 9321 7701 or email admin@ahawa.asn.au to arrange a replacement certificate.

Also, if the student completed the course online, AHA(WA) says they can email a copy of the RSA Certificate free of charge. For those who completed their RSA training through the classroom option, an emailed copy of the RSA Certificate costs $20, while a hard copy will be $45.

Another option to the RSA Certificate (either email or hard copy) is to purchase an Official RSA ID Card which certifies your RSA qualifications. It can also serve as an official Industry ID with access to many insider benefits. This RSA ID Card can be carried in your wallet and can be used instead of the printed or emailed copy. With this, you’ll never lose your RSA Certificate again.

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