Rolling Out for Business: 4 Enterprises You Can Start With A Van

worker infront of sprinter van

Vans are sturdy and spacious vehicles that are oftentimes used to transport passengers and/or cargo. However, it can be more versatile than that — you can use one to earn money by starting an enterprise with it. So, if you have a van, or you’ve come across a good deal for a Sprinter van in Idaho, here are some businesses you can start up with it.

Chauffeur, Shuttle, and Tour-Guiding

Right off the bat, the simplest way you can earn with your van is by offering services aimed at transporting people. First off, you can offer chauffeur services, wherein people can rent the van with a driver/chauffeur from one destination to another, and/or for an entire period. Alternatively, you can just stick to a certain route with a shuttle service, transporting those arriving from bus stations, airports, or train stations, to another drop-off area. Lastly, you can offer tour-guiding services wherein you (or a skilled tour guide) can transport tourists to different spots of interest in your area.

Van for Rent

If you don’t have the time or manpower to drive people around, then you can opt to simply rent out your van. This is a perfect business idea for busy cities and areas with many tourist spots: business owners and companies can rent your van in order to transport staff, clients, and potential investors, while tourists can rent it for a more comfortable and convenient way to go around the place while having enough space for the group and their luggage. Just make sure to put necessary safeguards and policies to protect your asset. Having a vehicle tracking device also helps you keep track of your vehicle at all times, even when you’re out working or managing a different business.

Mobile Pet Grooming

pet grooming, filing dog's nails

For pet lovers who wish to go into business in an area/city with a lot of pet-owners, having a mobile pet grooming business would be an ideal choice. Many pet owners are too busy or find it hard to transport their pets from their home to a nearby pet salon, so being an on-call mobile pet-groomer can be very convenient for them, and quite lucrative for you. One needs proper training, qualifications, and tools for the job, and relatively higher startup investment, but it can definitely pay off once you gain loyal customers and build a name for your mobile pet grooming business.

Moving and Delivery Services

Movers or removalists that offer the use of their trucks can be quite expensive, and not everyone who moves requires such a huge vehicle. That said, you can offer a cheaper alternative through van moving services. This is ideal in busy and crowded cities, where people move from homes to apartments frequently, but only bring limited household items and personal belongings that are just enough to fill your van. Alternatively, you can simply go for something simpler such as delivery and freight services by partnering with local businesses and companies to transport their goods from their shop to customers, or from warehouses to their shops. For both, you’ll need moving tools and equipment such as a hand truck and a ramp.


These are merely a few of many other businesses you can start with a van, you simply need to think outside the box. That said, you can choose among the aforementioned businesses or be inspired by them to come up with other types of enterprises you can “roll out” with your van.

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