Restoring Smiles


Woman speaking with dentist on a dental clinicWhen people have gaps in some, or all of their teeth, it can cause a knock in their confidence. Luckily, thanks to modern technology, solutions are available to fill the gaps in their smile. Dental implants in Southampton provide these solutions by offering a more long-lasting alternative to bridges, dentures and flexible dentures.

Who? What? Where?

In Southampton, dental implants encompass a range of treatments from full mouth to single implants. Teeth are important, as is finding the right dentist to look after them. It is advised to find a dentist with a good track record, who will take the time to consider a patient’s individual requirements. Most people are suitable for the treatment as long as they have good oral health. When considering undergoing dental implants in Southampton, dentists such as Expert Implants offer a consultation to discover whether the patient is suitable.

But what are they? Dental implants replace the root of the tooth, by inserting an artificial root into the jawbone. This stimulates growth from the remaining bone to support the metal. Hassle free, they provide a fixed solution for the new teeth. In mimicking real teeth, it’ll be like the natural ones never left. These new teeth will stay with patient for a long time; they typically last for around 15 years, although they can last for up to a lifetime.

Implant the benefits

Many people opt for dental implants rather than the alternatives for a variety of reasons. Aesthetically, the most recognisable difference is the restoration of a full set of teeth. No one should have to feel self-conscious when they smile, and dental implants erase the concerns people may have experienced in their day to day smiles and laughter. Cosmetically, they also prevent the face from looking sunken, as the bone structure is retained.

People will appreciate the ease with which their teeth can once again carry out the everyday tasks of chewing and biting, and being able to eat all of their favourite foods again. Unlike dentures, people will not have to mess around with them as they do not have to be removed. Improving speech, self-esteem and meal time, a patient’s new teeth will soon become a part of them.

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