Reinvention in middle age

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Many people panic a little when they reach the age of 50. All of a sudden, they feel like their youth is behind them and worry that they are starting to lose their vigour and zest for life. Fortunately, modern times and attitudes mean that life really can begin in middle age. This is a guide for anyone who wants to reinvent themselves. Choosing options such as orthodontics in Weybridge, a different hairstyle, embarking on exercise and more can help anyone to regain that missing youthful spark.


Getting the smile up to standard using braces was once something only enjoyed by young people and teenagers. Today, orthodontics in Weybridge is a means of improving the appearance that is available to patients of all ages. There are lots to choose from including traditional braces, incognito and Invisalign.

Finally having straight teeth after a lifetime of feeling self-conscious about the smile can have a hugely restorative effect on a person’s confidence. This can help them to feel more attractive and give them the self-belief that they need to have a happy and successful life as they age.

In addition, straight teeth are healthier teeth. This is because they are easier to keep clean. Teeth that are misaligned often get food debris and plaque trapped between them. This can cause bad breath and gum disease. Both these issues can accelerate the ageing process and prevent a person from feeling at their healthiest best.

Change hairstyle

Many people choose a hairstyle when they are very young and end up keeping it the same for many years without any thought. However, what suits a person at 21 will not necessarily be the best idea at 41. Excessively long hair, for example, can be very ageing and cause a person to look and feel older than their years.

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Getting a fringe can be a cheap and easy alternative to botox if the forehead is looking a little lined and can transform a person’s face. Opting for lighter colours can help to hide any greying parts of the hair. Using a deep conditioning treatment once per week can help to change the condition of the hair from dry and lacklustre to silky smooth and lustrous.

Embark on exercise

For people who have spent the first part of their lives actively avoiding exercise, the thought of sweating it out in a gym can be very off-putting. However, getting fit to feel and look good does not have to involve spandex. Going for a brisk walk for 30 minutes or more each day can help anyone to improve their physical and mental health and can help them to feel more youthful too.

Consider going alcohol-free

Drinking alcohol has become ingrained in many people’s lives for cultural and social reasons. However, consuming wine every night as ageing occurs is not necessarily a very good thing. Alcohol consumption can accelerate the whole process of getting older, increasing wrinkles and body fat and decreasing physical fitness and mental stability. The alcohol-free movement has gained in traction in recent years, and there are now more alternative options available than ever before.

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