Gaining a fresh and youthful look with Profhilo Kent


Everyone dreams of staying and looking young but this becomes more and more unattainable as people grow older and those telltale signs of the ageing process start to show up on the faces and bodies of many.  Frown lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles may begin to appear as unwanted features on a person’s face, along with wrinkles on the neck and hands, while to some these are signs of being wise and distinguished to others these signs are unwanted and they may start to investigate the different methods available to combat the signs of ageing.

Most people will visit a local chemist or supermarket to look into the many moisturising creams that are available, that may have some anti-ageing properties within them. Many people find these creams are not giving them the effects that they are seeking as the results are unpredictable and may take time to become apparent. These people may then look into the medical-based solutions to combating the ageing process in the form of injectable cosmetic treatments, which can be administered to a patient quickly and easily.

In recent years Profhilo Kent has grown in popularity as it has built a reputation for being a safe and reliable treatment that is durable, as it can be utilised to treat several areas of the body’s skin.

Young faces, necks, and hands


The injectable cosmetic treatment Profhilo replaces the hyaluronic acid that the muscles under the skin need to stay healthy and relaxed, this then helps the muscles to fill out the area under the skin that they occupy creating a full and youthful look. Unlike other treatment that replaces hyaluronic acid,  such as dermal fillers, this treatment uses hyaluronic acid that has been thermally bonded making it more of a hydrator than a filler.

A benefit of this treatment is that once used it should help to encourage the body to start producing the natural acid that the skin needs to stay looking young and healthy, making it less invasive than other injectable cosmetic treatments. This will then help to improve the skin laxity, creating a more natural state for the skin in any area treatment that could help to promote finer movement within a person’s hands.

Treatment must always be in a clinical environment

Patients who are seeking to receive treatment using Injectable cosmetic treatment must seek to do so in the safest way possible, they must go to a clean and safe clinical environment that is fully staffed with medically trained professionals who can be on hand in case of an emergency. While there are services being widely advertised that offer patients the option to receive treatment in the comfort of their own homes, caution must be urged as these services may carry an extra degree of risk that may be unsuitable for many to take.

It may be strange to some to think about a dental practice offering injectable cosmetic treatment, but by considering the skills a dental professional has it becomes clear that they are highly trained to administer injections into the sensitive areas of a human face. Making them the perfect people to provide Profhilo treatment in Kent.

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