Laser dental treatment to help combat dental anxiety and phobia

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Research has shown that 1 in 10 children and 1 in 6 adults here in Australia exhibit a certain amount of dental anxiety or dental phobia. Dental anxiety and dental phobia are leading factors in poor oral health. If you avoid the dentist then plaque and tartar will build up in your mouth and over time they will cause an array of dental issues. It is important that you visit your dentist regularly so that they can detect any dental issues earlier on, so these can be treated quickly and comprehensively before they can cause complications in the future. Unfortunately if you avoid the dentist altogether then dental complications can become irreversible and result in tooth loss. All dentists have experience in dealing with patients who suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobia so speak to your dentist Coorparoo and find out how they can help you combat your fear of the dentist.

People are sometimes afraid of sitting in the dentist’s chair because they associate it with pain, discomfort, drilling, scraping, injections and blood. If you speak to your dentist you will find that thanks to significant advances in dental technology you can now undergo dental treatment without any of those things.

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry allows you to undergo dental treatments and procedures without the need for anaesthesia, any drilling, scraping, pain, discomfort or bleeding.

Used successfully in dentistry since 1989, laser dentistry is ideal for those who suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobia and it is also perfect for those of you who are looking to undergo dental treatment with as little pain or discomfort as possible. Overall, laser dental treatment is an excellent way forward in modern dentistry, available at some dentists and hopefully soon to be available in dental practices across the country.

What can laser dental treatment be used for?

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Laser dental treatment can be used for a wide range of restorative dental procedures. It can be used in the treatment and removal of tooth decay, cavity preparations, root canal treatment and soft tissue procedures in the treatment of gum disease. It can be used in preventive dentistry to clean your teeth from plaque and tartar. It can also be used in cosmetic dental treatment as well as creating smile makeovers.

LASER stands for light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation. Laser dental treatment is carried out using light energy. This light is emitted in a very narrow and focused beam. The light produces a reaction when it hits hard or soft tissue tissue, allowing it to shape the teeth or remove parts of the teeth for example in cases of tooth decay. When it hits soft tissue, lasers can be used to treat gum disease including periodontitis, killing bacteria and activating tissue regrowth for healthy teeth and gums.

If you are suffering from dental health issues then you need to speak to your dentist today and find out about laser dentistry and how it can be used to address your dental health issues comfortably and efficiently very soon.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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