Quick Home Remedies for Toothaches


Your teeth are essential to our well-being. We all need to eat, and they will help us break down food so that we will not have a hard time digesting them. They are tough, but it does not mean that they are indestructible. Be wary of biting into very hard food or object, you may find yourself losing a tooth or two. But you can also lose yourself in some other ways.

If you are someone who is always seeking trouble, you might get into a fight and have your teeth knocked out of you. When this happens, you’d better start looking for emergency dental care in Salt Lake City. There are a lot of things that can happen to you, like having some infection in your mouth. See a dentist and have that fixed.

Pain. That is what you most remember the first time you had a toothache. It is also what you remember in successive instances. Toothache is seemingly something that is unshakable. But here are home treatments that you can try to get some relief:

Ice Pack

Toothaches can be caused by an infection. This may lead to you accumulating some abscess, which is the cause of extreme pain. White blood cells are being directed to that part of your body, and your nerves are recognizing that. Using an ice pack usually numbs the area it is applied to. You may have to wait for it to take effect, though, as the cold will have to pass through your cheek before it reaches your gums and teeth. This is an indirect approach to the pain area, but it is a convenient and quick remedy that you can come up with anytime. Cover the ice pack with a towel for a makeshift cold pillow you can lay your head on.

Ginger and Pepper

ginger and spices

Spicy ingredients are known to cause dilation of the nerves. This increases blood flow and helps improve circulation. Letting a piece of ginger or pepper rest on the problem tooth will allow it to work its effect on the nerves that are connected to it. This will make them relaxed and, as a result, alleviate the pain.


A common relief for toothache is a salt gargle. Pour in a couple of tablespoons of salt into a glass of water and bathe the inside of your mouth with it. This should help clean up bacteria that is causing the infection and pain. Salt is known to have cleansing and antiseptic properties, which is why many use this remedy. Do not forget to spit the water out, though. Water mixed with a high amount of salt can induce vomiting.

Toothaches do not choose whom they will victimize next. Whether you are a little child or a grown man, the pain that it causes will bring you to your knees. If you have run out of medicine, mouthwash, or other solutions, it is good that you can turn to some common household items for relief. But note that these are just temporary solutions, and you need to see your dentist when problems persist.

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