Pregnancy Care: Should You Choose a Public or a Private Hospital?


PregnancyWhilst pregnancy is a joyous occasion, the practical and administrative details of what’s to come can outshine the positivity of the news. It is only normal to worry about antenatal check-ups and expenses to ensure the health and status of your unborn child.

When it comes to pregnancy care, one important thing to consider is choosing either public or private care. Your choice will depend on your needs, budget, or whether you have maternity insurance plan. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. and health insurance health providers share the difference between public and private care.

Public Care

Although public hospitals in Hong Kong offer affordable antenatal care, they still provide quality service. They also have a reputation for being safe and clean. Recently, public hospitals have started to offer yoga mats, birth balls and the option of hypnobirthing methods. Hong Kong residents with valid HK IDs can also enjoy the benefit of low rates and obstetric packages.

The only disadvantage is that the hospitals are always busy and staff are constantly attending to patients. This only means that the experience may not be as personal as you might like. They also implement a few strict protocols, which may have an effect on your experience. You may choose, however, to hire a midwife for birthing support.

Private Care

If you have substantial budget for pregnancy or have a maternity insurance, you are more likely to choose private care. Private hospitals offer quality services, including a selection of maternity packages. They also have fewer restrictions and have excellent facilities with access to exclusive and private rooms.

The only concern, however, is the C-section rates are higher in private hospitals. Statistics suggest that C-section, induction and ventouse deliveries are much more common than in public hospitals. This is why it is important to consult a trusted gynaecologist to develop a birthing plan you can stick to until the delivery of the baby.

It is important to be assertive with your needs to request the pregnancy care and birthing option. While most women desire a natural birth, it is still important to know if it is the safest method for you and your baby. It is best to prepare well, educate yourself and choose a hospital that you trust.

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