Overcoming Barriers: Optimizing Your Home for Your Health’s Sake

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Different factors can influence your own health. There are things you can’t control but are great indicators of health, such as your gender, age, and genes. Some factors can also influence health that you have the power to control. This includes your lifestyle, medical care, the people around you, and your environment.

Sometimes, no matter how much you try to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, your environment is the main reason you cannot achieve your goals. This is especially true if your home is not optimized for healthy living. Improving your living space can be the next best step so you can finally achieve your health and wellness goal.

Is Your Home the Reason for Your Poor Health Status?

Some people don’t realize that their living space is the main reason they are unhealthy. It is not enough to ensure your house is a physically safe place to live. There are tons of things that can make your home an unhealthy place to live.

For one, pests, molds, and mildew can cause certain health conditions to develop or worsen. Long-term exposure to toxic mold can make you ill. The same goes if your living space is crawling with disease-carrying pests.

Indoor air pollution is another major problem in many homes. Poor indoor air quality can cause eyes, nose, and throat irritation, dizziness, headache, and fatigue. Certain indoor air pollutants are also known to cause major health issues like cancer.

Physical clutter can also have an impact on your mental health. Simply seeing your messy home is enough to increase one’s stress levels. Clutter can negatively influence your mental health, making it essential that you take the necessary steps to reconsider your cleaning options.

The same goes for living in a house where the building materials can contain toxic substances. This is common to homes built more than 50 years ago. Exposure to asbestos, lead, mercury, volatile organic compounds, and the like can cause major health complications if left unattended.

Optimizing Your House for Better Health

The good news is, it is never too late to change and improve your home so that your better health will follow. The key is to address present issues that are ruining your health. But if you are unsure where to start, you can consider the following tips.

Start Living with Less Physical Clutter

A physical mess can be as damaging to your health as mental clutter. The moment you embrace a minimalist lifestyle, you will learn that having less can help you take better control of your life. In this case, you are letting go of the things you don’t need in exchange for better peace of mind.

Sort your belongings according to your needs and only hold to your essentials. Get rid of duplicates and things you no longer use. Donate, sell, or invest in a storage unit if you still can’t find it in your heart to get rid of certain belongings.

Kitchen design

Consider a Kitchen Remodel

One reason many people love eating in fancy restaurants and fast food is because of the food and the ambiance. The more you improve your kitchen to fit your taste, the more likely you will eat at home and prepare healthier meals. This is another excellent reason for you to kick start your dream kitchen remodeling project.

While you’re at it, remember that remodeling should not necessarily mean wasting materials you can reuse. Instead of replacing all kitchen cabinets, consider repainting or removing cabinet doors. Instead of simply investing in newer and more energy-efficient appliances, make sure you expose your old ones the right way.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Improving your indoor air quality will make it easier to breathe easily, eliminate odors, and improve your sleep quality. You can also enjoy lower utility bills by improving ventilation when you open your doors and windows more often. With better indoor air quality, your family’s health at home will surely improve.

To improve indoor air quality, change your filters often and learn to control indoor humidity. Hire the pros to maintain your HVAC unit. Consider indoor plants known to clean indoor air.

Choose Projects With Health in Mind

Many homeowners would choose home improvements to improve the property’s aesthetic, increase their comfort, and improve their home value. What they usually forget is to enhance the house for their family’s sake. The next time you tackle home improvements, don’t forget about your health.

If you find it hard to exercise at home, consider projects that will make the house better fit your fitness goals. This can be an indoor gym, a swimming pool, or even a backyard playground for the kids. When making improvements, consider being more hands-on so that you can improve your home while your work out.

Many barriers are stopping you from living a healthy life at home. Thankfully, it is never too late to change your home for the better. Keep your health in mind as you improve your living space, and you will find it easier to attain your health and wellness goals.

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