One, Two Step to Clear Snow off Slate Roofs

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Slate roofs offer a traditional look and add fire resistance to homes. Highly durable, these roofs are also heavy and need extra roof support. As such, the additional weight of snow can put extra strain on the supports, making it necessary to clear the slush. Excessive amounts of frozen precipitation can cause these roofs to collapse, requiring you to contact local roofing contractors in Long Island, NY for repairs.

roofing contractor

Removing snow from a slate roof involves a delicate balance of clearing the slush without breaking the tiles. Follow these steps:

Use a Snow Rake with an Extension Pole

When clearing your roof, attach the rake tool to the long extension pole for better reach.

Use the Cutting Wire

Face the cutting wire toward your roof, and then place the rake at the edge, just above the gutter. Push it toward the peak of your house as far up your roof as possible.

Turn the rake over at the same point you stopped the forward motion. Pull it through the snow, and then drag the slush off, while leaving 1- to 3-inch of snow base.

Move to the left or right, and then push the wire up. Turn the rake over and pull its flat side down to remove the snow.

Continue to move the rake over and clear slush until nothing remains. Move to the other side of your house and repeat the process.

With these steps, you can clear the slush of your slate roof without breaking the tiles. In the event that you do, however, contact professional Long Island roofing contractors immediately.

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