Kids’ Bedroom Decorating Ideas

bedroom furniture

Parents need to be extra careful in choosing which furniture to buy for their children’s room. While keeping the theme fun and age-appropriate, they should also be safe and long-lasting.

bedroom furniture

Here are some simple tips on enhancing your kid’s bedroom:

Choose a unifying theme

It can be as simple as their favourite cartoon characters or colours or a mixture of both. Play around with these options.

Combine different colours for a vibrant palette

A kid’s bedroom is all-about colours. The more lively they look, the better. For girls’ bedroom furniture, they can be a mixture of pink and purple hues with touches of white. For boys, it can be in shades of blue with minimal elements of orange. Emphasise the colours of their bedsheets and cabinets.

Add practical items to kid-friendly pieces

This is the perfect way to make sure their furniture is still appropriate even as they become teens. For example, buy a huge bed but combine it with a small study desk with a playful design. While your children may outgrow the desk, the bed will last them for weekly home visits once they’re in college.

Buy classic pieces, add a touch of fun

If your budget won’t allow for furniture replacements after only a few years, focus on classic pieces for the desk, dresser, and bed. Then, add fun pieces in bright colours that are easily replaceable, like stools or toy cases.

Your child’s room furniture should reflect their personality. Keep in mind that your family lifestyle and budget will determine your choice.

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