Moving on a Budget: Effective Ways to Avoid Overspending


BudgetingMoving into a new home can take a toll on your wallet. You have to pay for so many things – the down payment for the house, the fees for your broker and other mortgage fees that you’d rather not talk about. As much as possible, you want to make the actual move easy on your budget.

But, it’s actually easy to cut costs when moving. If you plan and organise your things and your move well, you’ll find ways to spend less and maximise your move.

Choose a Good Mover

Of course, it’s more affordable to do the moving yourself. But, you’ll need to have a vehicle spacious enough to carry as many of your things as possible. You’ll either be making multiple trips or end up renting a truck – both of which would cost you a lot more in the long run.

You could think about hiring a mover. It might sound like another expense, but it’s a lesser expense compared to moving your stuff on your own. Also, AAA Bargain Removals says there are professional moving companies that can offer you their services at a much lower cost compared to others. Ask your family or friends living in the area for referrals, or you can do your own scouting on the Internet. The important thing is, you’ll have to hire them as soon as possible; early appointments with movers often come with discounted rates.

Organise Your Stuff

Organising the things you need to move doesn’t just mean putting them in labelled boxes. It also means you need to know what things you really need to bring, and the things you can do without. With this, you won’t end up spending money on things that you don’t actually need to bring. If your new home can do without it, you can donate it to charity or sell it online. You’ll not only cut back on moving costs, you’ll also earn some extra cash and have more space in your new home.

You also need to be aware whether or not some of the things you need to move can just simply be transported. Some items, like plants, have specific moving needs that can cost you some extra. You can ask your mover about this.

Ask Questions

Some movers won’t tell you about the rates unless you ask. Don’t hesitate to ask about additional costs on heavy items, carrying items up the stairs, repacking and unpacking and other specifics you feel like asking about. By doing this, your moving charge won’t come as an unpleasant surprise.

Saving up on moving really just comes from good planning and responsibility. If you get help from a good moving service, you’ll be able to cut back on costs easily.


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