Most Important Things to Take Care of After a Big Move

couple unpacking items into new home

Moving to a new place is a big deal. There are a lot of things that you will have to take care of, such as your moving needs. On top of that, you will have to get used to different cultural aspects or adapt to local differences. These can include things such as weather, which can have a large impact on your health and well-being. Here, we talk about some things that you need to take care of immediately after settling in Townsville, Queensland.

Getting your children enrolled in the local school

The most stressful part of moving to a different town or city is getting the children reenrolled into school. If you wish to put your child in a government school, you have to get in touch with the school assigned to your neighbourhood. Keep in mind that if a session is already underway, your child will have some difficulty getting in to the flow of the classroom.

Always talk to teachers and guidance counsellors ahead of time. If you choose to send your child to a private school, look at the different types of schools available and do some research on the best one. You can ask work acquaintances or neighbours for advice and recommendations. Many private schools will not take in new students while a semester is underway. It is a good idea to prepare for admission ahead of time, as soon as you are aware of relocating.

Finding health care for everyone

woman consulting with her doctor

When you move to Townsville, find out what to do in case you need urgent health care. Be aware of where the nearest public hospitals are. You will need to find a new dentist and GP when moving to Townsville. Do your research online, and also ask your previous doctors for referrals. If you choose to get private health care or have health insurance, find out which healthcare centres are covered and how to go about becoming a new patient.

Finding a reliable handyman

Imagine moving into a new house in a completely new place, and suddenly something stops working, or there is a major leak in a bathroom pipe. This can leave you stranded and feeling helpless. Before you arrive or immediately after you arrive, make a list of plumbers and electricians from the local yellow pages or websites. Get contacts from neighbours and keep them handy. This way, you don’t have to be a mess if an urgent situation comes up.

Finding a hobby group or like-minded community

Last but not least, you are going to need to make new friends and build networks to thrive. Try to find a like-minded community as soon as you arrive. Find out what’s happening in your neighbourhood, such as book clubs in your local cafes or open mic nights at the bar down the street.

The important thing to remember about moving to a new place is to always be on top of yourself. Be organised and do thorough research so that you don’t find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

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