Mommy Talk: How to Get Back Your Pre-Pregnancy Breasts

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Nothing can really ever truly compare to the joys that motherhood brings—but the effects of carrying a human inside your body could sometimes be drastic.

Some lucky women get their pre-baby bodies back in an instant; others unfortunately struggle to get their body back. One of the most common issue mommies have with their post-pregnancy bodies are saggy breasts, and the only real way to address it is through breast enhancement surgery.

Breast Lift or Breast Implants?

You could get your pre-baby breasts back through a breast lift or breast implant. You could restore their shape and size, as well as make them fuller and bigger. A breast lift might be appropriate for you if you just want to regain the perkiness of your breasts. This would eliminate excess skin, which responsible for the sagging, and remodel your breast tissue to sit higher on your chest.

If you have significant sagging and volume loss, however, you might need a breast lift and implants to get the shape you want.

On Incision Placement and Scarring

There are different incision placements that would leave less scarring and need fewer incisions. Do note, however, that a lift would come with more scarring than breast implants. So if you are a suitable candidate for a lift and don’t like significant scarring on your breasts, opt for smaller implants that would give you the same lifting effect and smaller scars.

On Breast Fullness

According to a plastic surgeon specializing in mommy makeovers in Salt Lake City, majority of mommies are just looking to get back the same breast size or want a little extra.

In ideal candidates, breast implants alone could restore fullness. If your breasts aren’t droopy and you just want them to be fuller, provided that you have elastic, healthy breast skin and don’t have significant sagging, breast implants might be the ideal option for you.

Yes, it is possible get your pre-baby breasts back with a breast lift or breast implants. Consult with a reputable and licensed plastic surgeon in your area to find out which option is best for you.

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