Modern Pontoon Boats: Seat Categories You May Consider

Red Pontoon Boat Tied to a Dock With Two Chairs

Pontoon boats are the most popular option for fishing, onboard entertainment, and water sports. Unlike other vessels, they have pontoons, or sponsons as they are at times known, for keeping them afloat. The pontoons attached to the bottom of these boats make them particularly buoyant and safer compared to conventional boats for use in land-locked calm waters. Moreover, they have bountiful space onboard, allowing the installation of seats for enhanced onboard comfort.

There are different types of seats you will find when evaluating pontoon boats for sale in a Michigan store. The seats generally make up the majority of the furniture of pontoon boats and can be arranged for a cruise, proper view of the surroundings and even a small onboard ceremony without cramping your space. The following are some of the seat options for your pontoon.

Bench Seats

These have an approximate width of three feet and rest on a hollow base that can be used for storage. The top part is hinged to a hollow bottom and allows you easy access to the stored items. These hinges are made of aluminum or stainless steel, which are both resistant to the corrosive effects of water. Modern pontoon bench seats are made of heavy-duty plastic or pressurized wood, which is lighter compared to the plywood used in the past. The seats are also cushioned for extra comfort.

Captain Seats

man driving speedboatThese are generally swiveling seats that allow a captain to turn about easily and have a clear view of objects around the boat. The upholstery used for captain seats is coated with protective materials to enhance its durability. Vinyl is the most common upholstery option used for the seats and comes in a range of patterns and grades. The foam used in the seat is often high-density polyurethane foam.

Lounge Seats

These are designed for onboard relaxation. The lounge seats used for pontoons are waterproof and buoyant for an added safety. The designation ‘’lounge seat’’ refers to several types of pontoon seats designed for relaxing in a prone position. Protective polymers are sprayed on the upholstery used for pontoon lounge seats to guarantee their elasticity so that they accommodate various body stretches and movements.

Fishing Seats

Fishing seats come in fixed and portable variations. There are different types of the same though bicycle seat fishing chairs, which are also called casting or butt seats, are the most popular. This is because the seats are easy to install and come in various styles to suit all anglers’ preferences and budgets. Most fishing chairs also come with an attached rod holder to ease the control of your fishing rod. The seats are designed to provide adequate lumbar support during your fishing and back ventilation to allow your lower back to breathe.

Pontoon boats are not just basic vessels. You will not realize the pontoon’s full potential without a few pieces of on-deck seats for relaxation and entertainment. Caring for the above seats is essential for their longevity. Regular cleaning with a marine cleaner and the periodical application of a protectant to avert mold and mildew growth will go a long way in protecting your pontoon seats.

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