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Tiny weddings have become popular during this global health crisis. Health and safety should be the priority of engaged couples when planning their pandemic wedding ceremonies. Small weddings are intimate, and they tend to have guests who are close to the couple which makes the event more memorable.

Wedding ceremonies are sacred. Wedding planning is tedious. Planning to propose, on the other hand, can be extremely nerve-racking. Don’t overthink when the time comes that you need to buy a diamond wedding band. Your love for each other will shine just as brightly.

Around the world, there are many superstitions, beliefs, and traditions surrounding wedding ceremonies. These practices vary from every culture so depending on your and your partner’s ethnicity and beliefs, you might need to follow certain practices that are not very common. The key is to have open communication with your partner about the preferences of each side of the family as well as your personal preferences to find a way to meet the desires of both parties.

Common Wedding Traditions

Whether you are to be the bride or groom, you must be baffled by the pile of tasks you need to accomplish to finally marry the love of your life. When planning your intimate pandemic wedding, you can still opt to follow some common wedding traditions that are still being observed today. For more modern couples, you can choose not to believe in any of these but for more traditional families, observing these traditions might even be a big deal. Be familiar with the common wedding traditions that may come up during the wedding planning stage.

In ancient Greece and Rome, it is believed that brides used to carry herbs instead of floral bouquets. Today, brides are expected to hold a bouquet of their favorite blooms down the aisle. While many brides opt for flowers in shades of white, modern brides have been experimental with their choice of flowers these days that some opt for bold-colored blooms.

Wearing a wedding veil used to serve as a way to ward off evil spirits during the ceremony. Nowadays, wedding veils come in various forms. You can opt for a blusher, which is a shorter veil, or a cathedral, which spans 9 to 25 feet. There is a perfect veil length for you, depending on the level of dramatic look you want to achieve as a bride.

During this pandemic, you may still opt for physical wedding invitations but you have to be prepared for the expenses as well as the possibility that your guests will disinfect the invitation and completely ruin its beautiful design. We live in a digital age and couples should consider going digital with their wedding invitations as well. This way, you also don’t have to worry about the additional costs that printing services entail.

While tossing rice at the newlywed couple is a tradition, perhaps the couple should consider sitting this one out. Any form of food wastage may seem unnecessary for some couples who could substitute this material for other options such as biodegradable confetti or flower petals.

As a modern couple, it is up to you to decide which or if you should follow these traditions. Your intimate pandemic wedding will most likely only include close friends and family. This could mean that whatever you decide to pursue, your limited number of guests should respect that. These wedding traditions are ones that are commonly observed around the world; however, each culture may have variations or alternatives to these certain traditions.

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Wedding Traditions Around the Globe

Every country may have its own version of what constitutes a traditional wedding. Here are some wedding traditions around the globe that are not openly talked about.

The tradition for Norwegian brides is to wear an ornate silver and gold crown to the wedding ceremony. The tinkling of the tiny charms attached to it is believed to deflect evil spirits, protecting the wife-to-be.

In Mexico, during the wedding ceremony, the couple is draped with a lasso that is made of rosary beads and flowers. This is draped around their shoulders, displaying a figure eight or the symbol of eternity. It represents the perceived long and happy marriage of the couple.

Congo wedding tradition states that couples should remain serious during the whole wedding ceremony. While many couples in other parts of the world are celebrating their marriage, couples in Congo are expected not to smile from the ceremony to the reception to show that they are serious about their union.

These are some unusual wedding traditions around the globe. While many couples may still observe these traditions, some modern couples may have veered away from holding traditional ceremonies. Nevertheless, couples around the world should be allowed to celebrate their union whichever way they prefer.

Weddings these days are small and intimate as we continue to follow the safety protocols during the quarantine period. While marrying the life of your life marks the start of an exciting adventure, it is important to remain safe and healthy throughout your wedding journey.

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