Rocking a Beach Wedding: Tips for Brides

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A beach wedding has a certain appeal for many couples. Maybe it is because of the very relaxed atmosphere. The sea also serves as a naturally beautiful backdrop. Guests also get excited about such a venue because it suggests fun. But, as a bride, there are many things you must consider for your beach wedding.

Go Natural

Get the services of a professional hair and makeup artist for your Gold Coast beach wedding. This expert must understand the styles favored in outdoor venues. A beach venue is a little tricky as compared to more conventional settings.

Go for the most natural look. You should not wear heavy makeup as you will look out of place in your chosen setting. You may look at pink and coral hues as they blend well with a beach setup. No matter how beautiful your hair is, make sure that it stays out of your face. The wind can be harsh and blow your tresses on all the wrong angles. Opt for a beautiful but loose updo. This way, you will still have a spontaneous look without having to worry about your locks.

Ditch the Princess Look

You may have dreamed once of walking down the aisle with a ball gown. This kind of wedding dress spells disaster in a beach wedding. You would not want to look like you are carrying a weight on your big day. Also, you would not want to sweat buckets even if you are only midway the ceremony.

woman wearing her bridal gown

Instead, choose light fabric without many frills. Lightweight silk or chiffon wedding dresses are excellent choices. Focus on the bodice of the dress. This is where you can have the most accessories. Choose a skirt that has the right flow. You still need a little fluidity to your dress so as not to look boring in photographs. Remember, though, not to go for long trains. The only thing that they will do is to gather dust and sand.

Feel the Sand

Stilettos are definitely out in a beach wedding. Your walk down the aisle is one of the highlights of your wedding. Being in high and pointed heels will only make you sink in the sand and make you look unsophisticated.

If you are adventurous and the sand is not too hot, you may consider going barefoot. Strappy sandals are another great alternative. This will make you still look elegant but very comfortable. Stylish flip-flops will make you a cool bride.

Choose the Right Headdress

Veils may pose a problem in a beach wedding. The wind can be relentless and have you whipping out the veil off your way or line of vision. For you not to deal with this, choose a better headdress.

You can go for a beautiful head crown or an elegant tiara. These head accessories are easy to wear and, if fitted well, may even make you forget that you have them.

A beach wedding has special considerations. But do not overthink the details too much. Remember that this is a special day for you. Once you know that you have made the right choices, the only thing left is to have fun.

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