Master-planned Communities Can Reduce Your Stress

Master-planned Communities

If you’re planning to move to Victoria, looking for house and lot packages in West Melbourne and the surrounding areas is not just an option. It is already a must. Not only are they a cost-effective choice, but they also let you stay in a master-planned community.

One of the benefits of a masterplan is you’re likely living close to at least basic public amenities. These include transport, schools, shopping centers, and clinics or even hospitals. You may also have access to green spaces such as tree-lined paths and walkways, as well as hiking and running trails.

All these can reduce the odds of one of the world’s common risk factors for chronic illnesses: stress.

How Stressed Are Australians?

Stress is a fact of life, and contrary to popular belief, it’s not at all bad. Ideally, it is the body’s natural response to threats. Without it, you won’t be able to miss your deadlines or act when you’re in dangerous situations.

When the body feels stress for an extended period, however, it becomes detrimental to one’s health. Sadly, many Australians are in such a state. In 2017, a survey by Medibank showed Aussies felt more stress than ever. Within ten years, close to five million people said they were stressed.

The reasons for stress can vary. It can range from sleep deprivation to workplace pressure and conflict. But so does public commuting. In an Australian study that focuses on “commuter pain,” over 75% of the respondents said that car commuting was frustrating. Nearly 80% of Melbourne drivers also revealed that being stuck in traffic increased their stress level.

Meanwhile, a 2005 comparative research showed the effects of infrastructure improvement, such as the addition of a railway line. Those who switched to the new service reported lower job strain. The ones who kept the old route didn’t experience any changes in their stress levels.

The Benefits of Nature

A master-planned community can help resolve commuting issues by providing easy access to various options for transport. It’s also not uncommon for them to develop commercial areas, which will provide opportunities for workers to find a job closer to home.

Easy commuting is not the only benefit, however. The other is nature. The American Heart Association (AHA) has provided a comprehensive list of how nature improves your well-being. This is especially true with lowering symptoms of depression and anxiety.

For example, nature can reduce self-rumination or brooding. Natural sounds and sights can direct your attention outwardly or into your surroundings. They can also reenergize you and enhance your focus.

In fact, in a 2018 study, the researchers found out that being with nature can be more effective in reducing stress than strolling in an urban setting or exercising in an indoor facility.

Studies couldn’t explain how nature benefits humans. It could be because plants provide people with oxygen every living cell needs. Another might be the colors of the leaves or the sound of the birds, which are both calming.

Masterplanned communities are more than settlements. They can be one of the effective ways to help you manage your stress so you can live longer and happier.

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