A Gentleman’s Guide to Choosing the Right Haircut

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“What type of haircut should I get?” is a question we ask ourselves often, usually before seeing our barber or stylist. But how do you answer that question? You either look at the most popular hairstyles or just go for the comfortable option.

To really find the best cut for you, here are some factors to keep in mind:

Face shape

Just like when picking out eyewear, your face shape is the most important factor when determining your best haircut. Your hairstyle should flatter the face of your shape.

If you are unsure what your face shape is, the best way to know for sure is to measure your face. Make sure that you can see the top of your hairline and your entire jawline.

Measure the width of your forehead by running the measuring tape from hairline to hairline at the widest point.

For your cheekbone width, extend the tape measure from below the outer corner of one eye, over the bridge of the nose, and below the outer corner of the other. The measuring tape should be on your cheekbones in the same spot on each side.

For the jawline, run the tape measure from the base of your jaw under one ear to your chin, and round to the other base of your jawline.

Measure the length of your face by placing the tip at the middle of your hairline, and stretching it downward over your nose, and until the tip of your chin.

If the width of your cheekbones is about the same as the length of your face, you have a round face. If it has the same ratio but the jaw is the widest part of your face, it is a square.

If the length is around 1.5 times more than the width, your face is oval, and a more than 1.5x difference means it is oblong.

If your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, your face shape is a diamond.

If your jaw is wider than your forehead and you have a pointy chin, you have a triangular face.

The best style for your face shape

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Your hairstyle should be voluminous and angular if your face is round. To make your face look longer, the sides should be shorter and the top longer, and parted on the side. Avoid fringes, and buzzcuts because they emphasize the roundness.

A square shape is commonly considered as the most ideal for men’s faces. It suits any hairstyle, whether sharp or angular ones, and further brings out your masculine features. Popular hairstyles, such as fades and the undercut, will certainly look great on you, and even the mundane buzzcut!

Almost any men’s hairstyle suits an oval face. However, avoid long fringes because it makes your face look rounder. Push it back, and go for volume and sharp angles. You can highlight different facial features depending on the haircut you get.

If you have an oblong face, stay away from hairstyles that are short and tight on the sides, because they make your face look even longer. Wear your hair down or try a style that is longer on the sides and has layers on top.

For those with diamond and triangular face shapes, your hair should be shorter on the sides and longer on top. Fades and the undercut, with a side part will look great on you.

The best hairstyle should not only look good on you — it should also be the one you feel the best in. Rock your crowning glory with the confidence of a king, and you will surely be a cut above the rest.

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