Making Your Floors Last for a Lifetime

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You have several alternatives for the material of your property’s floors. If, however, you are aiming for an exceptional look and floors that will withstand different elements, hardwood floors are your best choice. These generate warmth in your interiors largely unmatched by most materials and complements different décor styles depending on their finishes. Even so, hardwood floors are in no way fail-proof.

For your Wimbledon property, you have multiple protective options for your wooden flooring. Finishes like wax, varnish, shellac, oil, paint, lacquer, and polish are the leading options for wood. Even so, these need periodic retouching that might prove a hassle and expensive for most property owners. You can, however, now also opt for area rugs to protect your wooden floors. These are inexpensive and only need periodic maintenance to keep them clean. The following are some expert tips to maximize your benefits when using area rugs to protect your floors.

Use Runners in High-Traffic Sections

Mudrooms, entryways, and hallways are exposed to considerable foot traffic. As such, wooden floors in these sections will experience considerable wear and tear within a short period. Runner rugs in these sections are essential to form a barrier between the floors and shoes. Even so, walking on runners can grind, sand, dust, and dirt into the wood under them. To prevent damage from grinding, sweep the section under your runner at least once or twice daily, depending on your foot traffic. You can also place rubber pads under the rugs to boost their skid resistance and cushion the floors from damage.

Use Rugs with a Woven Backing

Moisture is one of the most harmful elements for hardwood floors. Though protective, rugs can cause moisture accumulation on your floors when poorly chosen. Pick area rugs with woven rather than latex backing. This is because latex does not promote airflow. Woven backing, on the other hand, allows airflow and prevents the buildup of moisture under the rugs to protect the wood from water damage.

Use Moisture-Proof Rugs in Wet Sections

Nowadays, wooden floors are used in kitchens and bathrooms where they are exposed to high and constant levels of moisture. Even so, they undergo different waterproofing treatments to boost their efficacy and protection in these sections. To heighten the protection of your floors from water damage, settle for moisture-proof rugs. Synthetic fiber and wool rugs are the best choices for waterproof rugs since these are colorfast and will thus not bleed into the wood.

Choose the Right Pile For Different Sections

rugs on top of wooden flooring

Do not let your rug’s use overwhelm a room’s purpose. If, for example, your rug is placed in an office, a low-pile is your best choice so that the rug does not affect how your office chair rolls. High-pile rugs, on the other hand, suffice for living and dining rooms to protect the floors from the considerable weight of the furniture.

Area rugs are also the best choices for decorating your floors to match your furniture and paintings. To this end, the rugs are your best choices for versatile floor coverings. With the guidelines above, the rugs will guarantee the longevity of your wooden floors.

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