Long-term replacements

dentist giving the female patient her dental treatment

For adults in Milton Keynes, dental implants offer a long-lasting solution to the oral health difficulties associated with missing teeth. The patient can receive these fully-functioning replacements for any number of lost teeth, whether it’s a single one or all of them.

These natural-looking and natural-feeling dental implants in Milton Keynes are meticulously customized to suit the individual. With treatment at a dental practice such as Northlight Dental, the patient will find that implants improve their overall dental experience. They’ll be able once again to bite into the foods they might have avoided after the loss of their teeth. Unlike with removable dentures, there’s no chance that dental implants will fall out onto the dinner table. They’re securely affixed to a stable anchor.

The stages of dental implants in Milton Keynes

The process of dental implants in Milton Keynes can take several months to complete. It begins with a consultation between dentist and patient. There needs to be sufficient density of the jawbone and good enough oral health before the implants can be placed. A bit of preparatory treatment might be done to ensure the patient is ready.

The implants – small metal posts – are then placed into the patient’s jawbone in a minor surgical routine. Following a brief spell of healing, the patient will then go back to the practice and have the customized teeth securely fixed to the implants.

Better outlook

Milton Keynes dental implants provide numerous oral benefits:

  • A strong and stable bond forms between the jawbone and the small metal posts, so the new teeth have a naturally strong base and can function like natural ones;
  • The new teeth are simple to keep clean because they remain in the mouth;
  • The patient won’t develop the sunken appearance that’s associated with long-term missing teeth because the implants help to preserve their facial bone structure;
  • Talking might be easier because the implants’ stability aids pronunciation.

Long-lasting smiles

Having dental implants in Milton Keynes can bring a long-term positive transformation to a person’s oral health. The cosmetic improvement will be obvious, and improved confidence may be a desirable side effect of this. Providing the patient cares for their new teeth properly, they could last for decades.

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