Learn to Predict Mortgage Rates


Mortgage Rates in UtahWhen you decide to buy a home, you will want the best mortgage rates in Utah, or elsewhere. First-time home buyers normally shop around for cheap rates, but it is important for them to know that these rates will fall and dip. Therefore, it helps if you get a clear understanding of how these rates really work. This will put you in a position of strength and help you land a mortgage, which is much cheaper than the one you were willing to commit to, earlier.

How do the rates work?

The first thing to know about these rates is that they are really unpredictable. They keep changing over time. From around 1950, Wall Street linked it with bonds. When the value of the bonds drops, the mortgage rates drop too. It is, in fact, related to the age-old economic phrase of “demand and supply.” This sounds simple. You only have to keep track of the bonds’ prices to know when to look for low mortgage rates. But the truth is, only Wall Street has access to these details.

Make an educated guess

You can, however, guess the rates, by doing a little home work on your own. Look at the mortgage rates for the last thirty years. It also helps to look at the events in the last 30 years that helped lower the rates. Falling inflation rates is one of them as decreased inflation increases the demands for a mortgage, explains an expert from Citycreekmortgage.com. A weak economic data, natural disasters, calamities, war, and other such uncertain events. All kinds of national and global uncertainties increase the demand for bonds. On the other hand, rising inflation and a strong economy will increase the mortgage rates.

Mortgage rates also vary with your personal credit ratings. There are four types of mortgage loans with varying interest rates. Do your research well and check all types of mortgage loans possible, before you apply for a home mortgage.

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