Californians Use Online Safety Tools to Lead Police to the Right Suspects


Online Safety ToolsThe growing mistrust of the community towards the law and order enforcement agencies remains to be critically unstable.

With the hundreds of unreported unlawful activities resulting to injuries and senseless shootings, the resentment felt by the minorities, the black people, and the pride communities have never been much deserved — yet still partially ignored.

But, thanks to online reporting tools for public safety, such as California’s URSUS and’s universal software as a service civil records manager, everyone can now have an extra layer of defense when dealing with criminal acts.

A No Nonsense and Non-curtailed Integrated Solution

When under investigation, it’s generally hard to prove your point, no matter how genuine the statement may be for various reasons. Fortunately, now, the TurboTax approach of e-force software enables anyone under duress to state nothing but the truth.

According to Justin Erlich, a special assistant attorney, online policing digital platforms are redefining the confidence in the level of safety. “Departments must report the data under a new state law passed last November. Though some departments already tracked such data on their own, many did not. Working with the California Department of Justice, a technology nonprofit called Bayes Impact developed the tool in hopes of making the data easy for departments to report and easy for the state to analyze.”

Desire for Transparent and Data-Driven Justice Process

At times when there’s a hot pursuit, innocents and bystanders often become part of the casualties or indicated to be part of the criminal party. The current level of miscommunication and failures in judgment leads to loss of life and the police get to walk away free despite fatalities.

For this reason, California Attorney General Kamala Harris said in a news release, “As a country, we must engage in an honest, transparent, and data-driven conversation about police use of force.”

Hopefully, with the rollout of online law enforcement platforms and with the help of the public, there will be fewer accidents that happen in the name of a just cause.

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