Last Minute Wedding Checklist: What You Should Do Without

Red pencil laying on a wedding checklist

The day of the wedding is one of the busiest parts of wedding plans. It is the day that all your preparations and hard work will pay off. Before you go rushing to the wedding venue, make sure that you have all the needed paraphernalia for the wedding ceremony.

Flower Girl Baskets

Mothers of flower girls will be busy with preparing their little ones for the wedding. They may forget the flower girl baskets. Do not play it by chance and make sure that they remember to bring them by assigning someone to take care of them.

Wedding Rings

Of course, the most important paraphernalia of any ceremony is the wedding rings you can buy from Utah jewelers such as AAA Jewelers. The couple may not remember them with all the preparations going on around them. Family members may forget about it because of a large number of guests.

Make sure you have this ticked off on your list, or else you may end up running back home to get it.

Wedding pillows, cords and confetti

Wedding rings go to the wedding pillows. Of course, the wedding cord is an important symbol to bind the couple, so do not forget it as well. To make the wedding event festive, confetti is also a nice addition.

Making sure that everyone has a small cup or cone of confetti can make great photos and imprint the festive event.

Wedding giveaways

Wedding giveaways may already be provided for when a couple gets a reception venue and catering package. However, if they don’t, it should not be forgotten as well. Some couples may provide different giveaways for their primary sponsors, so make sure that they are present when needed.

A wedding event should be festive and stress-free as much as possible for the couple. It is the reason wedding preparations are way ahead of the wedding date. Make sure that it is also stress-free for you by making sure to bring complete wedding paraphernalia to the event.

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