Getting Pampered at the Dentist


A team of dentistsThese days going to the dentist in Harley Street is becoming more and more of a way for people to pamper themselves, rather than something to dread but have to do for the sake of their health. Health and well-being are inextricably linked. If people feel good, they look good, and if they look good, they also tend to feel good. That may seem a bit simplistic, but dentists up and down the country are applying this philosophy to their treatments and finding it to be true.

That’s why it is no longer unusual to find a dentist in Harley Street offering cosmetic dentistry along with the more usual general, paediatric and restorative dentistry treatments we are used to finding at the dentist. Among such dental practices is Harley Street Dental Clinic.

Smiles have never been so important as they are now. And for good reason. Science has found that smiling makes people feel good, literally. Smiling a genuine grin releases feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin, the happiness chemical. Everyone can benefit from more serotonin, and when they have it, they smile more, and then they release more of it.

Trouble is, that some people have wonderfully healthy teeth, not a cavity, no gum disease, but they do not smile because their super-healthy teeth don’t look all that great. Maybe those lovely teeth are a bit wonky, or discoloured or stained, or are worn or carry a little bit of damage. Very few people indeed have perfectly straight, wonderfully white, blemish free teeth. But even tiny imperfections can become a source of self-consciousness and smile suppression. Suppression can lead to depression, as the smile is people’s primary way of communicating. And if they can’t communicate properly, they can very easily become isolated, and then depressed.

Because of this knowledge, many a dentist in Harley Street have expanded their range of treatments to be offer ways to improve people’s smiles. Many adults are having their teeth straightened, since the advent of materials that make straightening much quicker and more discreet. Others are having their teeth whitened, or covered up with veneers. All of which gives the smile a whole new lease of life and much more likelihood of being seen.

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