It’s Not Just One Thing, It’s The Whole Package


Food PackagingHow can you tell that the products you’re about to distribute are free of contaminants? What about assuring yourself that these packages are as fresh as the day they were packed? These are only some of the questions businesses have,

A Sure-Seal

Shrink sleeves are popular nowadays, especially in. It allows customers to see clearly what they’re purchasing, assuring them of the quality of the products you offer. Worried about product tampering? Most shrink sleeves extend up to the cover of the container, creating a tamper-proof seal. In addition, shrink sleeves can provide extra protection — be it heat or physical damage.

A Snug Fit

Items with a signature shape, no matter how unusual, can fit in shrink sleeves. As they wrap directly around the item, they can work with any size or shape. There are literally no limits to what shrink sleeves for bottles can cover. As these provide a degree of protection for products, shipping becomes less problematic as well.

Larger Real Estate

If you want your product to stand out, they need to be eye-catching. Shrink sleeves can likewise address this need. With its 360-degree wrapping, designers have more room for creating attractive labels. This is in contrast with typical labels, especially for bottles, where only 1/4 of its space can be used. As the rest of the space is for product information, this does not leave much room for creativity.

What Does it Mean?

Shrink sleeves translate to savings. As the design is printed onto the sleeve, you can use a single signature container and wrap it according to what it contains. It’s an instant brand recognition strategy, as well. Shrink labels are not easy to copy, which means you are less likely to get a low-quality product masquerading as your favorite brand.

For something that is not costly to produce, shrink sleeves are highly beneficial for both businesses and end users. Why not try it for your products and discover its benefits?

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