3 Ways to Deal with Lower Back Pain After a Gym Session


Back PainOne of the most common aches from working out is lower back pain. Whether it’s from bad form on a deadlift or pushing too hard on the Stairmaster, lower back pain can mess with your daily routine if it persists.

Fortunately, you have many options when it comes to dealing with this pain.


This needs to be said. Many people are reluctant to rest due to lower back pain because they feel like it’s something that will go away in a couple of hours. They continue to push and end up hurting themselves even more.

Rest is key for any performance-related pain. Rest in this case doesn’t mean lying down for extended hours. The idea is to stop all high-intensity workouts and exercise that put a load on the lower back. Work on your arms for now or choose low impact cardio like swimming.

See a chiropractor

A chiropractic adjustment, maybe with active release techniques (ART), could be all you need. Our body is composed of muscle and bone, connected by what we call fascia. Fascia can get bound and could be the reason for tightness in your lower back.

There are respected chiropractors in Burnsville, MN that you can reach out to. Make sure that you go for a chiropractic center that has positive reviews and a good track record.

Self-myofascial release

Another option that’s gaining popularity in recent years is self-myofascial release. It’s just another way calling self-massage that’s usually done with the aid of apparatuses like foam rollers, tennis and lacrosse balls, and other instruments like the Theracane and fascia blasters. By applying pressure on your trigger points, you loosen up the fascia and stretch the muscles, causing your pain point to relax. It’s important to learn the safe way to do this along with the trigger points that are associated with particular pains.

Deal with your lower back pain before it gets worse. There are a lot of options! Just remember not to panic. Like many body aches, lower back pain goes away with proper management.

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