Is Your AC Ripping You Off? Avoid it with These Tips

AC Ripped Off

AC Ripped OffThough air conditioners are a comfort to have at home, these coolers may become the source of your headaches. These things may increase energy bills, not to mention the costs for repairing or replacing them.

There are ways to prevent your AC from ripping you off funds, fortunately. Whether you are a previous owner or first time buyer, consider these things for your coolers:


The size of your AC has an impact on your health and finances. Whilst big air conditioners have a higher cooling capacity, these cause higher utility bills. Small air conditioners, on the other hand, generate smaller expenses, but produce little air. Consult Perth air conditioning specialists to know the right cooler for your home. A professional’s advice will help you choose one that fits your home, budget and comfort.


The position of your cooler has an impact on energy efficiency. Placing it in a crowded or isolated corner of your home will force it to work harder, causing higher energy consumption and cost. Install your AC in spots where it will receive less sunlight and use less power. Remove the surrounding clutter to improve its coverage without utilising much power.


How long or how often will you use your AC? What should the temperature be? Its temperature, duration and frequency of use will determine how much money you’ll save or lose. Use your air conditioner carefully. Save energy and costs by opening your AC only when you need it. Invest in programmable thermostats to monitor and adjust your cooler’s temperature.

Preventive Maintenance

If you’re doing once-in-a-lifetime repairs for your AC, consider occasional preventive maintenance. The higher the damage, the higher the maintenance cost. The longer you put off those necessary repairs, the more money you lose. Check your AC or have a professional maintain it once a month. Yes, it costs money, but the rate is considerably lower compared with serious repairs.

The way you choose and utilise your AC will determine if you’ll have more savings or expenses. Consider the size, location, consumption and maintenance to keep your coolers from bleeding you dry.

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