How to Choose the Best Landscaping Company for Your Yard

Trimming trees in the yard

Your yard is a huge part of your home; not only does it provide curb appeal and your home’s market value, but a well-designed and well-made yard can extend your living space beyond the walls of your house. As such, you should put as much effort and study into choosing your landscaping company as you did when choosing your home’s architect and contractor. So, we’ll be taking a look at tips on how you can find and select the best landscaping company for your yard:

Have a Design (and Price) in Mind

You don’t need to have a blueprint or a sketch of the yard you want, but it’s important that you have a clear picture of what you want your yard to look like and convey this plan with your potential landscape company. It would be difficult to find the landscaping company that you want if you yourself have no idea on your dream yard’s style or design. You also need to determine how much you’re willing to pay for to ensure that you don’t overpay and also to help you filter your options in terms of the price range.

Compile Your List

It’s important that you start off with a list. Do your research; ask around with friends, relatives, and co-workers for any landscaping company that they can recommend. Most people fall for the same mistake of simply asking someone they trust and choosing the first option without doing much deliberation. It’s important that you have a wide list to choose from, not only to increase your chances of finding the right one but also to have other options in case the one you choose isn’t available or isn’t equipped to handle the design you’re planning.

Price VS Portfolio

You have to realize that price doesn’t always equate to quality. Although it’s more likely that more expensive and highly-acclaimed landscaping companies and contractors would produce better quality, it’s possible that they may not be able to offer the design you’re looking for. As such, it’s important to review a landscaping company’s portfolio and see their work (first hand, if possible) in order to see if they have had similar designs to what you have in mind, or at least the resources, expertise, and creativity that would fit your design. In fact, it’s even plausible for you to end up choosing a reasonably-priced landscaping company with a portfolio that fits exactly what you were looking for. So, take your time, and do your research.

Reviews and Feedback

Don’t just trust their website’s testimonials and reviews; unbiased and unfiltered feedback is much more trustworthy when looking up reviews about a particular business.

Check online through social media and review aggregate sites such as Yelp to get unbiased feedback regarding your potential landscaping company.


Remember, you’ll be working closely with your landscaping company when designing and doing your yard. So it’s important that you have a good relationship; if you end up constantly arguing with your landscaping contractor/company, you’re more likely to end up with a bad output. So before you decide, sit down, talk, and discuss with your potential landscaping company.


Well maintained lawn

Choosing a good landscaping company to do your yard basically boils down to extensive research, and not just picking out someone purely out of referral or getting the most expensive one. Choosing the right landscaping company would ensure that your yard would look and feel like a cohesive part of your home and not just a tacked-on feature or add-on. So find a good landscaper with innovative design professionals such as Pendleton landscapers to make your dream yard into a reality.

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